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Real Estate Broker Support & Resources

We are committed to the success of our real estate professionals and broker support is our top priority.

  • real estate agent training

    Real Estate Agent Training & Coaching

    We are an online real estate agency in and our trainings are done over the internet. Save time and money by watching online real estate training videos from your computer. No need to sit in traffic or burn fuel driving to an office when you have professional training and coaching right at your fingertips. Dial into live conference calls with other real estate associates and learn more about contracts, disclosure, marketing, new technology and industry trends.

  • errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents in

    Errors & Omissions Insurance for Real Estate Agents

    Errors and mistakes are made every day in the real estate industry and we provide the coverage you need for a small flat fee per transaction per representing side. We provide you access to the policy and declarations page via the back office CRM system under the company document library section. Insurance coverage can be costly, especially real estate E & O insurance. In the event you need more information about our policy and what is covered, please contact your real estate broker who will try to accommodate your request.

  •  Real Estate License Renewal

    CA Real Estate Salesperson License Renewal

    You want to start the license renewal process at least 90 days before your real estate license is about to expires to avoid any interruption with your services. How do you renew your real estate salesperson license? First you want to complete the required continuing education hours of training and submit your certificates of completion to the real estate licensing department for approval. You can do this online by logging into you real estate licensing department website and request to have your salesperson license renewed by your broker.

  • hang my real estate license

    Hanging Your California Real Estate License

    What does it mean to hang a real estate license? It means someone with a salespersons license in must have an employing broker in order for their license to be in active status. Many agents park their license under a real estate broker to keep their license active, but don't practice real estate full time. Many people have a second job or a second source of income and practice real estate on a part time basis. Premier Agent Network, Inc. can hold your real estate license at no charge.

  • HUD approved real estate broker

    HUD Approved Real Estate Broker

    Premier Agent Network, Inc. is approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to sell HUD homes. Why is this important? It allows you to show more homes for sale to buyers that otherwise wouldn't be available on the market. Also, another advantage is that home buyers who obtain FHA financing have more incentives when considering purchasing a HUD home. These incentives vary state by state.

  • real estate legal advice

    Real Estate Legal Help

    We have your back. If you are in need of legal advice, we suggest that you speak with a real estate attorney. Legal questions come up all the time and the most commonly asked real estate questions are about contract laws. The National Association of REALTORS® and the California Association of REALTORS® have a legal hotline you can call for legal advice and explain your situation. For a list of phone numbers and people to call, log into your real estate dashboard.

  • no franchise fees

    No Franchise Fees or Sign Up Fees

    Premier Agent Network, Inc. is not a franchise. We are a privately owned corporation and you will not be charged any franchise fees when closing a transaction with our real estate company. There are also no desk fees because we are an online real estate brokerage and everything can be done from your computer or electronic device. Having a virtual office allows us to keep operating expenses low and let agents keep more of their hard earned commission.

  •  real estate leads

    Real Estate Leads

    Occasionally we receive real estate leads in from different sources of marketing and assign them down to our agents. We give our agents the opportunity to work with new clients and teach them how to generate buyer and seller leads on their own. If our company provides leads to our associates, the commission split is on a case by case basis. The profits from these transactions allow Premier Agent Network to increase the marketing budget, grow, and reinvest money back into the company.

  •  transaction coordinator

    Transaction Coordinators

    Our agents are not required to use a transaction coordinator. Agents can choose to do all the paperwork themselves and follow the transaction checklist if they want to save money. Having a TC allows you to outsource work so you can focus more on selling real estate in .