Premier Agent Network, Inc.

Premier Agent Network, Inc. is an online real estate company in Saint George, FL and we are absolutely committed to the success of our agents. We provide several different commission plans to choose from including a popular flat fee 100% commission real estate program. Once signed up, our agents get exclusive access to one of the best virtual real estate offices in the industry and more tools they will ever use to be successful. They get to choose the best plan that works for them. We are a full-service real estate firm in Saint George, FL and we provide outstanding services to our clients.

  • 100% real estate commission programs available.
  • Unlimited broker support, real estate training & marketing tools.
  • Get paid directly from escrow & optional transaction coordinator available.
  • Real estate website with MLS & CRM integration, blog and email campaigns.
  • No franchise fees, signup fees, office rent, and no desk fees.

Our Saint George, FL Real Estate Company Benefits & Services

Broker support is our top priority and providing agents with the tools they need to give their clients the best customer service experience possible.

Association of REALTORS® Memberships

Become a REALTOR® in Saint George, FL to gain access to the MLS, standard real estate contracts, lockboxes, supra keys and take advantage of in person trainings provided by the Association of REALTORS®. Build your business going to local meetings and networking with other real estate agents in the area.

Our Values & What We Offer

Broker support is our top priority. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for our agents to rely on and give them the resources they need for a successful career in real estate. By keeping our agents happy, we can provide a better customer service experience for our clients.

Real Estate Agent Benefits

Our experienced instructors teach real-world strategies for successful marketing, advertising, negotiating, social media campaigns, blogging and new innovative ways to generate leads. We are all about creating productive real estate entrepreneurs and supplying the tools and training to make it happen.

Going Green With a Virtual Real Estate Office

With a virtual real estate office in Saint George, FL, associates have the best commission rates in the industry. Earning more money makes your life as an agent easier, better and more fulfilling.

The Smart Choice

At Premier Agent Network, Inc., we believe that the online real estate brokerage in Saint George, FL is no longer something that you get to dream about, it is real. We are embracing the future, and we want you to be a part of it. In order to compete in this high-tech society, we built a virtual real estate office for our agents and provide them with all the business tools they need to succeed. You can either ride the wave or get left behind. For an entrepreneurial mind, there is only so much that you can do to ensure that you stay on top of your game. You have to be the kind of person who is willing to go against the norm and challenge the status quo for you to see the benefits of an online real estate company.

Of course, this is not for everyone. We still have those agents who find it rewarding to get into their cars every morning, drive to work through traffic, sit in their expensive brick and mortar office buildings from morning to evening with the occasional breaks in between. They may thrive on the interactivity with the other agents in the office and enjoy the social aspects of weekly office meetings. While we respect their choices, we must also respect the fact that things are changing, and those who are not able to change forthwith and meet the demands of the industry, will certainly have a difficult time in the long run.

Making a Difference

Before we attempt to discuss some of the avenues through which you can be able to make your life better as an agent, perhaps it would be best to consider some of the things that appeal to average agents. From there we will be able to see how to help them realize there are better alternatives available.

For someone who is interested in making it big in this industry, the norm is not something that you should be content with. The norm is for agents who are not able to embrace change. The norm is for agents who are not willing to wake up to the reality that technology has taken over. Most importantly, the norm is for those agents who are not willing to dig into the depths of their entrepreneurial skills to embrace the best of their skills so far.

If you are the kind of agent that loves change, appreciates new ideas and enjoys challenging one another in the midst of similar minds, welcome to the future; your entire career as a high flying real estate agent starts now!

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